Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Why do white crystals sometimes form in chocolate?
    • A: This happens when cocoa butter and sugar crystallize and rise to the surface. This occurs naturally when there are sudden changes in temperature and the chocolate becomes out of temper. Even so, the chocolate is in perfect condition!
  • Q: What kind of chocolate do you sell?
    • A: Semi-bitter chocolate 46% to 56% cocoa and dark chocolate 65% to 85% cocoa
  • Q: Which one to choose?
    • A: We have different options and for everyone: if you are passionate about chocolate, if you prefer the sweetest chocolate or the bitterest chocolate, if you like it with crunchy pieces like our quinoa flavor, if you like it with nuts, yes you like it with fruits, if you like different flavors like lavender. You will be surprised!
  • Q: Do chocolates contain dairy?
    • A: Our philosophy is always dairy free.
  • Q: What kind of sugar do we use?
    • A: We use local cane sugar.
  • Q: Do chocolates contain preservatives?
    • A: Our philosophy is always conservative free
  • Q: Do you have chocolates for children?
    • A: Yes, we started our line of chocolates with the children's chocolates. A dairy-free chocolate with only real ingredients, a low-sugar, semi-bitter chocolate. The flavors are designed for children such as: unsweetened puffed rice, dried blueberry, dried cranberry and hazelnut praline.
  • Q: How should I keep the chocolate?
    • A: Chocolate can last up to 1 year. Being a chocolate without preservatives, it should be kept in a cool and dry place.
  • Q: What happens if my chocolate arrives melted?
    • A: Our best effort is that this does not happen, that's why we send for you to receive it the Next Day. If it happens, we will make the change without problem.