Our chocolate bars are handmade, free of dairy, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. We are dedicated to choosing the ingredients that are best for you; We seek to create unique flavors, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We use Fine Aroma Cocoa and Origin Cocoa to create all our tablets. Only 8% of the world's cocoa has this name. Our cocoa comes from fair trade.

Each chocolate tells a story, from the packaging and design, to the ingredients, flavors and its artisanal elaboration, we seek that our chocolate becomes a unique experience.

Aranda was born from a passion that we seek to transmit at first glance, from the moment you see the package until the moment you take the first bite. We have the chocolate you are looking for: among more than 31 flavors, you will find the perfect chocolate for you.

My story

I am passionate about creativity and chocolate. I started my first chocolate business when I was little. Later, with my diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, my diet was seriously affected, forcing me to take great care of what I eat.

My love of chocolate and my awareness of the importance of taking care of what we eat, led me to create Aranda, a real and friendly chocolate for people, children and adults, with allergies, intolerance to dairy, preservatives and false ingredients.

Our vision is that Aranda is a chocolate for everyone. My purpose is to make Aranda a hug to the heart for those of us who seek in our food that sweet pleasure and happiness that nourishes us at the same time.

The process of creating each bar has become my way of communicating with the world, my way of talking about my travels, my dreams and sharing in the most honest way a piece of my life through every flavor I imagine. It has given me the opportunity to find happiness in difficult moments, which is why Aranda has become my way of telling you that everything will be fine; more if there is chocolate nearby.

Aranda was born from a passion that we seek to transmit at first glance, from the moment you see the packaging until the moment you take the first bite. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you what makes me so happy, I hope it makes you very happy too.

- Marce

Our packaging

We believe in the details; in art and the human capacity of creation. Each of our chocolates is wrapped in a unique and beautiful design, beautiful for its naturalness and for being humanly artistic.

Our packaging is inspired by the beauty of everything; from the flowers to the mountains, from the fruits to the sea Aranda chocolates are made with love, we hope that when looking at our chocolates for the first time, we can captivate you with the passion that we seek to convey in each of the details around our chocolate .

Just like our chocolate, its process, and its packaging is beautiful; we want to keep you company in the most beautiful moments.

Our Cocoa

Aranda seeks to give you the best quality of chocolate, starting with our cocoa.

We only use Fine Aroma Cacao and Origin Cacao, which guarantees that our chocolate is handcrafted and meticulously elaborated.

Origin Cacao refers to cacao that comes from a specific region or country, where due to the climate and the land, in addition to the work of the farmer, the chocolate obtains a characteristic and special flavor.

By choosing chocolates that come only from Latin America, the terroir of our cocoa becomes particular and unique to its origin. This aspect of our product makes it a more special, better quality and more sustainable chocolate compared to a standard chocolate.